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MacKay Pay - Mobile Payment Application

MacKay Meters is introducing Mackay Pay, a powerful phone payment solution for parking.  The technology will work in conjunction with MacKay’s existing meters and pay stations as an added form of payment. MacKay customers can add the new payment option at any time with minimal effort.

How does it work?

Once it is added to your area, you simply need to download the free app from your app store (both Android OS and Apple iOS versions will be available June 2015) or go to from your smartphone browser.  The first time you run the app or visits the website, you will be required to set up some user account information and payment method (credit card / smart card).  After that, paying for parking takes just a few seconds each time and adding more time is easy.

MacKay Pay supports extending time, reminders of time expiry, emailed parking receipts and parking history of all the users usage.

MacKay Pay supports both pay-by-space and pay-by-plate modes of parking.  It is fully integrated with Sentinel MMS for revenue tracking and parking enforcement.


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