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Multi Space Solutions

When deciding whether to install single space meters or multi-space pay stations, it is important to consider the Pros and Cons of each solution.  Here are the Pros and Cons of multi-space meters


  • Supports several payment methods (including credit card)
  • Advertising options on the display  or side of the machine itself
  • Remote monitoring tools for maintenance and audit 
  • Lower collection costs
  • Can be easy to enforce
  • Maintenance and collection is centralized
  • Machines are smart (can send notification when coin box should be emptied, out of paper, etc.)
  • Less meters on street may be considered aesthetic improvement
  • Increased revenue when the vehicle drives away with time still remaining
  • A more cost effective solution for large parking lots (over 10 spaces)


  • Costly to repair; replacement parts are expensive
  • More attractive to theft and vandalism
  • Can be confusing to operate
  • Monthly communication costs
  • More consumable materials
  • If machine goes down, you’ve lost an entire section of parking
  • May require driver to walk half a block and then return to vehicle to put parking fee paper inside vehicle (in P&D mode)
  • Multi-space tickets are not suitable for use with motorcycles and convertibles
  • General litter due to many discarded tickets
  • Lead battery disposal problems will only get worse over time
  • Usually more expensive to procure, higher capital costs than single-space meters 
  • Generally inconvenient to the motorist in bad weather (rain, sleet, wind, heat, cold).
  • Many more mechanical and moving parts in a multi-space machine than a single-space meter, thus increase in likelihood of mechanical failures.
  • Considerable signage and pavement markings are required to convey payment instructions and location of equipment (multi-space in PBS mode).

The MacKay Guardian™ Multi Elite

The MacKay Guardian™ Multi Elite is our highly versatile and extremely reliable pay station.  Each Multi Elite is configured to your specific needs for power, payment, colour, and optional features. Additionally, the Elite has a slim cabinet, colour VGA display and LED "Confirm" and "Cancel" buttons

Manufactured under stringent ISO 9001:2008 certified quality processes, the MacKay Guardian™ Multi Elite supports three major modes of operation:

Pay and Display: In this mode, a customer purchases parking time and receives a printed ticket indicating the ticket expiry time, which is then placed and displayed on the paying customer’s car dashboard.  This is the simplest and most popular configuration.

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Pay by Space: In this mode, a customer enters a space number into the meter corresponding to the location of their parked vehicle, and then makes payment appropriate to their desired parking time.  The space manager in the Multi or in a remote space manager server keeps track of paid and expired spaces.  There is no need to return to one’s vehicle.

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Pay by Plate: In this mode, a customer enters their license plate number into the meter. The space manager keeps track of paid and expired plates.

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