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The MacKay TANGO and MacKay Guardian Multi Elite in Pay by Plate mode

Pay by Plate: In this mode, a customer enters their license plate number into the meter. The space manager keeps track of paid and expired plates. Enforcement officers can check at the Multi Elite or online at a secure enforcement database for paid license plate numbers.

This Multi Elite configuration works similar to the wide area “Pay by Space” configuration, only the user enters a license plate number instead of a space number. The terminal will support any combination of alpha-numeric characters up to a maximum of 10 characters. There is a backspace key supported to allow the user to correct key input errors rather than starting from scratch. The license plate data is converted to a number by the terminal and transmitted to the space manager system (hosted system) along with the transaction details.
In order to be able to enter license plate numbers, a new alpha-numeric Piezo keypad was used. The Piezo keypad is both sturdy and responsive and better designed for rough weather conditions. 
The position of the new keypad is similar to the “Pay-by-space” keypad location, i.e. on the lower left corner of the front panel. As with the Pay-by-Space configuration, the user screen prompts the user to enter their License plate number at the start of the transaction. The machines are configured with a buzzer which beeps with each key press.

Download Spec Sheet

Download TANGO Pay by Plate Specification Sheet

Download Spec Sheet

Download Multi Elite Pay by Plate Specification Sheet

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