MacKay GO™ – Mobile Application For Traditional X-Series Parking Meters

MacKay GO™ is a handheld application that can communicate with traditional MacKay X-Series parking meters and Sentinel™ 2 Meter Management System (Sentinel 2 MMS); bridging the two and allowing quick access to audit data,  rate updates and location functionality within Sentinel 2 MMS.  The application can also be used on-street to add and assign location information to wireless smart meters and pay stations.  Simply put, MacKay GO™ provides the means to monitor all your parking meters and pay stations under a single meter management system!

MacKay GO™ comes, optionally, with a ruggedized Android handheld device, USB – C cable and RF probe and includes a cellular communications package and a Sentinel 2 MMS account.


Download MacKay GO™ Brochure