Pay and Display Mode

for The MacKay TANGO™ or MacKay Guardian™ Multi Elite

In this mode, a customer purchases parking time and receives a printed ticket indicating the ticket expiry time, which is then placed and displayed on the paying customer’s car dashboard. Configured this way, the Tango or Multi Elite requires a single four-button keypad to select options on the display screen.

The Tango and Multi Elite have modular architectures which means that every pay station is customizable to meet individual operator needs and allow for future expansion.

Both pay stations utilize the latest and most reliable wireless capabilities, designed to extract maximum but cost-effective utility from current 3G and 4G technology.

The Tango and Multi Elite are configured to provide regularly scheduled, high-speed, low-latency data communications with MacKay’s remote server. Alerts and other events of interest such as paper low, or door openings are communicated immediately to the remote server. This means that multiple meters and lots can be effectively and efficiently monitored remotely from a central location where all alerts, transactions and information related to the pay station can be maintained. Alert conditions can be immediately dealt with by parking supervisors, and statistical information (total transactions, for example) can be easily gathered, viewed, and extracted.

Some report data can also be imported into most popular accounting and reporting systems, providing an even more powerful planning and management tool which will work with software systems already in place. By combining the available data with these tools, analytical information such as peak hour usage, total revenue, collection or maintenance statistics is readily available. Configuration and tariff updates can also be performed remotely, greatly enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of the managed system.