Address: J.J. MacKay Canada Limited Here is a list of commonly requested departments:
1342 Abercrombie Road
PO Box 338 Accounts Payables – Ext. 223
New Glasgow, NS Accounts Receivables – Ext. 255
Canada, B2H 5E3 Citation+ Support – Ext. 251
Telephone: 902-752-5124 Customer Service – Ext. 254
Toll Free: 1-888-4MACKAY (1-888-462-2529) Sales Department – Ext. 295
Fax: 902-752-5955 Shipping – Ext. 234
E-Mail: sales@mackaymeters.com Human Resources – hr.mgr@mackaymeters.com

Alberta, Address: J.J. MacKay Canada Limited
British Columbia, 1342 Abercrombie Road
Manitoba, PO Box 338
Northwest Territories, New Glasgow, N.S.
Nunavut, Canada, B2H 5E3
Saskatchewan, Telephone: 902-752-5124 ext 608
Yukon Fax: 902-752-5955
Toll Free in NA: 1-888-4 MACKAY ext 608
E-Mail: david.forbes@mackaymeters.com

New Brunswick, Address: J.J. MacKay Canada Limited
Newfoundland & Labrador, 1342 Abercrombie Road
Nova Scotia, PO Box 338
Prince Edward Island New Glasgow, N.S.
Canada, B2H 5E3
Telephone: 902-752-5124 ext 251
Fax: 902-752-4889
Toll Free in NA: 1-888-4 MACKAY ext 251
Contact: Graham Cruickshank
E-Mail: graham.cruickshank@mackaymeters.com

 Ontario (All but Eastern) Address: J.J. MacKay Canada Limited
377 MacKenzie Ave. – Unit #1
Ajax, Ontario
Canada, L1S 2G2
Telephone: 416-609-1322
Fax: 416-609-1648
Toll Free: 1-800-265-5716
E-Mail: on-service@mackaymeters.com

Quebec and Eastern Ontario. Address: Parcomètres MacKay
2-486 rue St-Jacques Street
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec
Canada, J3B 2M4
Telephone / Téléphone: 450-358-1791
Fax / Télécopieur: 450-358-3026
Toll free / Sans frais: 1-800-567-4475
Contact: Pierre Veillette, manager/directeur
E-Mail / Courriel: pierre.veillette@mackaymeters.com

United States of America
Alabamba, Alaska, Arizona Address: MacKay Meters, Inc.
Arkansas, Colorado, 1342 Abercrombie Road
Hawaii, Idaho PO Box 338
Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan New Glasgow, N.S.
Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana Canada, B2H 5E3
Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico Telephone: 902-752-5124
North Carolina, Norrh Dakota, Oklahoma Fax: 902-752-4889
Oregon, South Dakota, Utah Toll Free in NA: 1-888-4 MACKAY
Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming E-Mail: sales@mackaymeters.com

California (Northern) Address: MacKay Meters Inc.
Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana 1342 Abercrombie Road
Iowa, Kentucky New Glasgow, NS
Missouri, South Carolina Canada
Tennessee, Wisconsin B2H 5E3
Telephone: 888-462-2529
Contact: Jim Taylor
E-Mail: j.taylor@mackaymeters.com

Connecticut, Delaware Address: Meter Products
Maine, Maryland 147-149 Spring Street
Massachusetts Paterson, New Jersey
New Hampshire USA, 07501
New Jersey, New York Telephone: 973-684-4277
Pennsylvania Cell: 201-805-7295
Rhode Island Fax: 973-684-5594
Vermont, Virginia Contact: Mr. Bill Phillips, President
E-Mail: bill@meterproducts.com
Website: http://www.meterproducts.com

Ohio, Pennsylvania Address: MacKay Meters Inc.
1342 Abercrombie Road
Box 338
New Glasgow
Telephone: 902-752-5124 ext 239
Toll Free: 1-888-462-2529 ext 239 or 639
Cell: 902-752-5124 ext 639
Fax: 902-752-4889
Contact: Mark Sloan
E-Mail: mark.sloan@mackaymeters.com

Texas Address: Jerry Dreher
13549 Willow Bend Road
Dallas, Texas
USA, 75240
Cell: 214-212-3850
Fax: 972-239-5124
Contact: Mr. Jerry Dreher
E-Mail: jerry4D@aol.com

For all International orders outside of North America, please contact our head office at sales@mackaymeters.com