MacKay MKH Series Housings

MacKay Meters produces some of the strongest, most secure, vandal-resistant housings in the industry today. From our top-of-the-line MKH 4500, constructed completely of ductile iron, to the more affordable iron-zinc MKH 4000, MacKay has the products and experience to find the right housings to fit your needs. Compatible with MacKay Meters’ industry-leading electronic mechanisms and competitive products.

All MacKay housings are distinguished by their “hex” shaped top

 Download 4000 vs 4500 Comparison Sheet


The MKH 4500 is our top-of-the-line vandal-resistant single space housing completely constructed of durable ductile iron with special tapered design for increased strength and security. The MKH 4500 is a large vault, high security meter housing, precision machined and designed for increased security.

 Download MKH 4500 Specification Sheet


The MKH 4000 features a precision-machined vault door constructed of durable ductile iron and special tapered design for increased strength and security. The top portion of the MKH 4000 is primarily zinc, offering a more economical housing solution while still providing excellent security. The MKH 4000 is a large vault housing with a distinct “hex“ shaped top.

 Download MKH 4000 Specification Sheet


MKH YokesYoke Assembly

The MKH Yoke allows you to place two MKH series housing onto one pole. This allows you to reduce the number of poles required while still covering the same number of parking spaces.


MKH 4000 Series Vault for the mkBeaconTM

The MKH 4000 Series Vault is available for the mkBeaconTM wireless single / 2 Bay meters where the top half of the housing is not required.  The mkBeaconTM includes its own housing so only the coin vault is required.  The MKH 4000 series vault is the same cast iron, high-security vault found on both the MKH4500 and the MKH4000 and includes high-security locks and a coin can.