Pay by Space mode

for the MacKay TANGO™ and MacKay Guardian™ Multi Elite

In this mode, a customer enters a space number into the meter corresponding to the location of their parked vehicle, and then makes payment appropriate to their desired parking time. The space manager in the remote space manager server keeps track of paid and expired spaces. There is no need to return to one’s vehicle. The only physical difference with this configuration is the addition of either a numeric keypad or an alphanumeric keypad to allow the user to type in a space number. This keypad can be added or blocked if the customer wants the flexibility to switch from pay by space to pay and display

Pay by space utilizes a back-end space/enforcement manager. The on-street machines are not networked to each other but instead each has the means to connect to and communicate with the space manager. Payment can be made at any machine, not just the one near the parked vehicle.

The MacKay pay by space enforcement manager can also support requests for space status that originate from other sources such as small wireless PDAs, browser capable cell phones or citation system handhelds. These handhelds can allow the enforcement officer to check the status of any space, quickly and easily. The enforcement officer simply has to log into the SentinelTM Meter Management System using a secure ID and password and can then view the status of all the spaces; paid or expired.