MacKay Decorative Pole Assembly

Decorative PoleFinally…a method of continuing your downtown revitalization or restoration without sacrificing your parking control. The antique look of the decorative pole sleeve allows the meter to blend in with the landscape. Easy to install and maintain, the extruded pipe is constructed of aluminium, while the remainder of the assembly is constructed of Industry proven zamac and powder coated for maximum resistance to corrosion. The fluted pole when painted with our Electrostatic dry powder paint deters graffiti as well as sticker adhesive to the pole surface, further enhancing the long term beauty of your project.

The decorative base is available in several colors. Stop the complaints from the downtown revitalization commission with a beautiful and elegant solution.

 Download Decorative Pole Specification Sheet

Single Can Collection Cart

Collection Cart

The collection cart is designed to be a bank vault on wheels. With a secure deposit head and integrated key, the collection cart allows administrators of the system to restrict user access to keys and keep the system honest. Minimizing the potential for theft and maximizing the efficiency of the collections officer by utilizing a large collection box, this product is ideal for large systems.

 Download Single Can Collection Cart Brochure

Secure Collection Receptacle

Coin Box

The MacKay Meters Coin Box, designed to integrate with our collection cart frame is a secure vault for use on the street. The box is constructed of welded steel with stainless steel fasteners and our secure collection head. The head is designed to open the can into the box only and not give free access to the key. This system is ideal for keeping collections systems secure, especially when combined with the audit functions of our electronic mechanisms.

Light Duty Collection Pouch

Light Duty Collection Bag

Designed to include our high security collection head, the Collection Pouch is constructed of heavy duty reinforced nylon and aluminium with steel hasps and lock eyes. An inner bag protects against accidental rips in the bag becoming a security risk. The collection head is our standard coin box head, giving no access to the coins during collection procedures. An ergonomic shoulder strap helps prevent stress injuries. The ultimate in portable security, the collection pouch is ideal for smaller systems or areas that a cart cannot easily access.

The MacKay Fine Box

Fine Box

The fine box uses MacKay Meters Security Technology to integrate fine collection into the parking system. Used as a drop box for violation payments, the fine box is available in any of our housing colors, with yellow being the most recognized, as well as being highly visible. The fine box is constructed of stainless steel with a door made of ductile iron. The unit is conversion coated in a five step painting process to ensure a durable paint finish.